Teknologiat - Maston

Maston technologies

Maston 2K

Maston 2K is a true revolution in 2-component painting. Painting is as easy and user-friendly as with any regular spray paint because the product is ready to use right away – no stirring required. Chemical curing begins right away as the paint is sprayed. And the product’s lifespan is extraordinarily long compared to traditional 2-component paints.

Maston Zero

Inspired by pure Finnish nature, Maston Zero is the first solvent-free and fully water-borne spray paint in the world. Safe, odorless and eco-friendly, Maston Zero is designed for everyone from beginners to pros and suits virtually any surface, including wood, metal, stone, plastic, glass and ceramics.

Maston One®

Maston One® is an easy-to-use spray paint with excellent covering power and no run-downs. It covers three times the area of regular spray paints. The incredibly short 15 cm spray distance guarantees precise painting results. Maston One® includes 20% less propellants, 25% more binders and 4 times more color pigments than regular spray paints.

Maston 2K Tinting Solution

Tint 2-component paints to spray cans with the Maston 2K tinting system. The solution supports e.g. RAL and NCS color systems. Tinting is conducted with 15 colorants. The tint bases contain 2K binder, hardener, solvents, additives and propellants. They are available in matt, semi-gloss and gloss.

eFill filling machine

Easily fill tinted spray paints with the electrical eFill filling machine without a noisy compressor or manual work. The machine is easy to use: simply plug the machine to an outlet and you’re ready to go. The eFill filling concept brings easy and profitable additional sales for both current and new customer segments.