eFill omatäyttökone - Maston

eFill filling machine

Easily fill spray paints with the electrical eFill filling machine without a noisy compressor or manual work. Simply plug the machine to an outlet and you’re ready to go. The eFill filling machine is CE-approved.

The eFill machine has several advantages: a reusable filling cup and a piston cover allow serial production with the same hue without having to disassemble or clean any parts and IP-rated components in the filling chamber.

eFill filling concept

The eFill filling concept brings easy and profitable additional sales for both current and new customer segments. Studies have shown that customers see greater value in customized solutions and are prepared to pay more for the product.

Tint bases for prefill cans are available for 1- and 2-component paints and water-borne paints. The prefill cans feature a carefully selected nozzle and cap suitable for the paint type.