Ympäristöystävällisyys - Maston

Eco-friendly painting now and in the future

Eco-friendly approach shines through in everything we do, and it has always been one of Maston’s core values.

We always consider the environmental impact of our product and production solutions. We are committed to developing new eco-friendly products, using recycled materials and further developing our existing products. Our goal is to make our products as high-quality and easy to use as possible while keeping nature’s best interest in mind.

Spray paints as part of sustainable development

Spray paints are an environmental choice, rivalling liquid paints in eco-friendliness. Spray paints allow for thinner coats compared to paints applied with regular brushes or roller. The paint spreads evenly starting with the first coat, significantly reducing the amount paint required.

With liquid paints, accessories like brushes and rollers need to be cleaned and recycled according to strict instructions. With spray paints, recycling and the environment are easier to take into consideration because a fully exhausted spray can is recycled as scrap metal.

Waterborne paints pave way to the future

Maston’s Zero is the first solvent-free and non-flammable spray paint series in the world. The series is based on unique waterborne technology which enables us to make an odorless product. Zero spray paint has a very low VOC rating, indicating low amounts of volatile organic compound.

We continue to invest heavily in the production of waterborne paints. Our goal for the future is to make most of our products waterborne and therefore eco-friendlier.