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Frequently asked questions

We are often asked how to paint a certain item and which product to use. Please see our blog for tips on painting and processing various surfaces.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers. You can narrow your search by filtering the questions by subject. If you cannot find an answer to your question on our pages, you can email our customer service at

How do I find a reseller?

Please use our reseller search in the following address: Retailers

Please note that we are currently updating our retailer list to cover resellers in the UK.

Can I order products directly from Maston?

Please note that we are currently only delivering to Finland.

Check out our retailers here. Please note that we are currently in the process of adding our retailers around the world and as such every retailer may not be present in the listing.

Which CarColor hue is the correct one for my car?

For the correct CarColor hue, please see our CarColor Guide in the following address:

Which product is suitable for painting plastic furniture?

The best product for painting plastic furniture is ONE. Clean the surface from any dirt or grease by using Maston Degreaser, for instance. Add a very thin layer of Plastic Primer and use ONE spray paint for color. Finish up with ONE lacquer (matt or glossy).

Can I use spray paint on plastic?

Yes, on most plastics. We always recommend a plastic primer. Before you paint the actual item, please use a small, non-visible area to test that the paint works on the surface. If the surface is not very flexible, you can paint on it with Maston ONE spray. If the surface is flexible, we recommend Maston RR spray paint (tin roof paint).

Can I use spray paint indoors?

Yes, you can. When you paint indoors, please pay extra attention on protecting surfaces you are not going to paint. The dust may hang in the air and come down far away from the actual painted area, so make sure to cover everything carefully. For indoors, we recommend out odorless, waterborne Maston Zero spray paint.

Can I use spray paint on wood?

Yes, you can. We recommend Maston ONE or Maston Zero spray paint for wood.

Can I use spray paint on glass?

Yes, you can. We recommend Maston ONE spray paint for glass.

Do 2K top coats require primer?

Maston 2K top coats do not require a primer. However, if you still wish to use a primer, we recommend Maston 2K Epoxy primer.

Does 2K lacquer become yellow in the sun?

No, it does not. The lacquer may also be polished and waxed.

What paint can Maston 2K paint be painted on?

With Maston 2K Two spray paint, you can paint on almost any surface painted with a Maston paint as long as the surface is completely dry. For instance, alkyd paints need 7 days and acrylic paints 24 hours. However, please do a test before painting.

Can Maston 2K paints be painted on alkyd paint?

Yes, you can paint on Maston alkyd paints, but please be careful and follow instructions regarding drying. The alkyd paint must be completely dry before using 2K.

Can Maston 2K paints be painted on acrylic paint?

Yes, provided that the layer of acrylic paint is completely dry.

Can brand-specific car paints be painted on 2K Primer?

Yes, and even faster than on traditional 2K epoxy paints that need 4 hours to dry before sanding. 2K paint only needs 2–2.5 hours to dry before sanding or recoating.

Can I use 2K spray filler (putty) as a primer for normal car paint e.g. for fixing small dents?

Yes, you can. Both the spray filler and primer work with car paints.

How quickly is a surface painted with a 2K paint ready to be coated with 2K lacquer?

You can coat a surface painted with a 2K paint with a 2K lacquer of the same product series whenever you want, even after just a few minutes of drying. Products in the same series are similar in their qualities.

What are your instructions for RUBBERcomp brush painting?

Thinning is not necessary in brush application because the surface becomes quite smooth even without thinning. We always recommend applying several layers in order for the film to be thick enough. The coverage is approximately 6–8 m² per liter applied once on a smooth surface.

Does RUBBERcomp stick on EPDM rubber?

RUBBERcomp has a soft surface so it does not tolerate hard wear and tear or continuous abrasion very well. Its adhesive qualities are excellent, so it sticks well on EPDM rubber. It has quite similar characteristics to EPDM but it is a bit more elastic, more limited in its weather and ozone resistance, and better in its durability and gas tightness.

The product information reads: “remains flexible throughout its life cycle and does not crack or deteriorate even in the harshest of conditions.” What is the assumed life cycle?

The life cycle of RUBBERcomp depends on where the coating is done. For instance, a thick coating sprayed on a car lasts a few years. However, the coating is not permanent.

How does RUBBERcomp react to e.g. Maston gloss lacquer or other standard paint?

The paint can no longer be removed. It becomes an ‘ordinary’ paint. We recommend using RUBBERcomp transparent high gloss, a matt spray or canned paint.

Can I apply high gloss RUBBERcomp on semi-gloss black RUBBERcomp?

Yes, you can. It makes the surface glossy. Take a 10–20 minute break in between, until the surface is dust-dry.

I painted a surface with RUBBERcomp and now it has this orange-like surface. Why is this?

With Maston RUBBERcomp, the maximum painting range is 20 cm. We recommend keeping a distance of 15–20 cm, applying paint very thinly and painting at least four layers.

Which cleaning agents would you recommend for rims painted with RUBBERcomp?

RUBBERComp is a 1-component paint that should not be cleaned with strong degreasers or cleaning agents with high pH values. We recommend car shampoos and water.

Can I mix different product series?

For the best results, we always recommend using the same type of paint from top to bottom. For instance, acrylic paint can NOT be painted on alkyd paint. However, alkyd paint can be painted on acrylic paint after the acrylic paint has dried for approximately 60 minutes. Acrylic paint can be painted on waterborne Zero spray paint, either wet or when the Zero layer is fully dry. Alkyd paint can NOT be painted on Zero.

How should I store spray paint at home

Storing temperature should be at least +10 °C. Under no circumstances may it exceed +50 °C. The relative humidity should stay below 40% so that the can will not form rust on the outside.

Can I paint outdoors in the fall or in the spring?

When painting, the temperature should be at least +15 °C, with the optimum being +20 °C. Sometimes smaller items can be painted at cooler temperatures by ensuring that the paint and the item are warm (taken out from a warm indoor space) and that the air and the item are dry. After painting, the item should be taken to an indoor space to dry, with temperature at a minimum of +15 °C.

Do Maston lacquers have UV protection?

One characteristic of acrylic lacquers (AutoACRYL, ONE, ACRYL) is their resistance and protection from UV light.

How can I remove spray adhesive or other adhesive from a car, for instance?

Maston adhesive spray, as most adhesives, is easiest to remove with xylene. However, please test it first on a non-visible area to make sure that xylene will not damage the actual area to be cleaned.

Hammer paint: How should I make Hammer thinner?

Canned Hammer paints, smooth and hammered, can be made thinner with thinners available in the Hammer product series.

Can Zero spray paint be sprayed directly on plastic and styrofoam?

Zero can be painted directly on plastic and styrofoam surfaces. You do not necessarily need a plastic primer because the paint sticks on the surface regardless. With Zero, you can also paint directly on styrofoam.

Can Zero be used to paint a door in a bathroom?

No. A surface painted with Zero is not resistant to high humidity.

Which paint is good for chrome surfaces?

In order for paint to stick on a chrome surface, the surface must be sanded down to matt. After this, you can use acrylic primers and top coats.

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