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Frequently asked questions

We are often asked how to paint a certain item and which product to use. Please see our blog for tips on painting and processing various surfaces.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers. You can narrow your search by filtering the questions by subject. If you cannot find an answer to your question on our pages, you can email our customer service at

Do 2K top coats require primer?

Maston 2K top coats do not require a primer. However, if you still wish to use a primer, we recommend Maston 2K Epoxy primer.

Does 2K lacquer become yellow in the sun?

No, it does not. The lacquer may also be polished and waxed.

What paint can Maston 2K paint be painted on?

With Maston 2K Two spray paint, you can paint on almost any surface painted with a Maston paint as long as the surface is completely dry. For instance, alkyd paints need 7 days and acrylic paints 24 hours. However, please do a test before painting.

Can Maston 2K paints be painted on alkyd paint?

Yes, you can paint on Maston alkyd paints, but please be careful and follow instructions regarding drying. The alkyd paint must be completely dry before using 2K.

Can Maston 2K paints be painted on acrylic paint?

Yes, provided that the layer of acrylic paint is completely dry.

Can brand-specific car paints be painted on 2K Primer?

Yes, and even faster than on traditional 2K epoxy paints that need 4 hours to dry before sanding. 2K paint only needs 2–2.5 hours to dry before sanding or recoating.

Can I use 2K spray filler (putty) as a primer for normal car paint e.g. for fixing small dents?

Yes, you can. Both the spray filler and primer work with car paints.

How quickly is a surface painted with a 2K paint ready to be coated with 2K lacquer?

You can coat a surface painted with a 2K paint with a 2K lacquer of the same product series whenever you want, even after just a few minutes of drying. Products in the same series are similar in their qualities.

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Can brand-specific car paints be painted on 2K Primer?