Maston 2K Tinting Solution - Maston

Maston 2K Tinting Solution

Maston 2K tinting system unlocks unlimited possibilities for tinting 2-component colors to a spray can.

The tinting system is particularly easy to use. With the system’s 15 colorants, you can tint as little as one can at a time with precision. Tinting instructions are available at

Tint bases are packed in 400 ml spray cans, and they include the hardener. The actual colorants are dispensed from 1 liter plastic bottles according to tinting instructions. The solution supports e.g. RAL and NCS color systems. Tint bases are available in matt, semi-gloss and gloss.

Customizable spray paint colors

2K Tinting Solution is a unique way to tint 2-component paints to spray cans. It’s the fastest and most precise method for tinting and packing custom colors to genuine 2K spray paint cans. The system supports RAL and NCS color systems and many other custom colors. The online software is updated with new formulas daily. Explore the system: