Maston 2K - Maston

Maston 2K

Maston 2K is a true revolution in 2-component painting.

Painting is as easy and user-friendly as with any regular spray paint because the product is ready to use right away – no stirring required. Chemical curing begins right away as the paint is sprayed.

Diamond-hard surface

Unlike all other current 2-component paints, Maston 2K is packed in a 1-chamber can. And the product’s lifespan is extraordinarily long compared to traditional 2-component paints. Maston 2K is always ready to use, as many times as necessary, with a shelf life of several years.

The Maston 2K paintwork is extremely tough and resistant to scratches unlike the 1-component air-drying paint surface. The product has a very high chemical resistance, wear resistance and adhesion strength.