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With our easy-to-use spray paints youll create luxurious and impressive surfaces easily and quickly. Most of our spray paints are equipped with a patented adjustable Blue Spray jet nozzle. It is possible to adjust the nozzle for both vertical and horizontal painting. The nozzle is easy to use and provides an even painting result.

Product information

Paint gun NEON marking/Linemark Traffic

Paint gun NEON marking/Linemark Traffic

Accessories - Product number: 702019

An easy to use paint gun for professional use. The sensitive trigger makes marking large surfaces easy and efficient. The handy fastening loop allows the gun to be tied to your work clothing. Suitabel for Maston NEON marking and LineMark Traffic paints.

Spray gun handle - Instructions for use:

1. Initial step: prepare the aerosol for spraying: shake and open (NEON) or remove (LINE MARK Traffic) cap.

2. Press the arrow to move the guide back.

3. Put the bottom of aerosol between the rib and the back top.

4. Press the arrow to move the guide forwards and position the spray nozzle correctly in contact with the orange spray piece.

5. Press the spray trigger.

6. To remove the aerosol, press the arrow and move the guide back. Remember to clean the nozzle after use!