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Wood material used indoors and in furniture requires appropriate surface treatment and regular maintenance. Surface treatment refreshes the wooden surface giving it a decorative and polished final touch. Surface treatment makes cleaning easier, and also protects the wooden surfaces from moisture, swelling and distortion. The right surface treatment protects the surface from dirt and dust, and also from mechanical wear. With the right surface treatment, your valuable wooden furniture and surfaces last longer.

The Maston products for wood provide a natural surface and bring out the beauty of the wood. Our selection provides wood treatment agents for both new and previously treated wooden surfaces. We offer many alternatives, all of which enable you to achieve simply great final results. The Maston products are also easy, fun and rewarding to use.

Product information

Teak Oil spray 500ml brown

Teak Oil spray 500ml brown

Wood Oils - Product number: 605461

Maston Brown Teak Oil Spray is an easy-to-use protective and caring agent for treating any type of wood. Traditional and old fashioned formula of boiling linen seed oil for a long time gives Teak Oil Spray it?s unique ability to penetrate deep into wood and creating a protective layer without filming on the surface. Teak Oil strengthens the wooden surface, restoring its natural tone. Ensures resistance to changing climate conditions and protecting effectively against moisture, dryness, bending and cleaving. Quick drying time makes the product ideal for protecting outdoor objects, such as wooden patios, wooden handrails and garden furniture.


The surface to be treated must be clean and dry, at temperatures + 15 °C and with moisture content of 80%. Shake before use. Spray directly on the surface to be treated. In case of old wooden objects, clean the surface thoroughly beforehand and polish/sand if necessary. NB! Previously untreated surface may require several layers in order to achieve an ideal end result. For regular care, one layer is sufficient. Shake the bottle for 1-3 minutes and spray the surface evenly at the distance of ca 25 cm, paying heed to the grain and the shape of the object. Leave to dry for 10 minutes and remove excess oil using a cloth. If necessary, repeat the procedure after the layer has dried. Before using the treated object, make sure the surface is dry. The surface will be completely dry on the following day at the latest. We recommend using protective clothing and goggles. Make sure to protect the surrounding surfaces not to be treated by covering these!