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Polished wood and a sink Polished wood and a sink


Wood material used indoors and in furniture requires appropriate surface treatment and regular maintenance. Surface treatment refreshes the wooden surface giving it a decorative and polished final touch. Surface treatment makes cleaning easier, and also protects the wooden surfaces from moisture, swelling and distortion. The right surface treatment protects the surface from dirt and dust, and also from mechanical wear. With the right surface treatment, your valuable wooden furniture and surfaces last longer.

The Maston products for wood provide a natural surface and bring out the beauty of the wood. Our selection provides wood treatment agents for both new and previously treated wooden surfaces. We offer many alternatives, all of which enable you to achieve simply great final results. The Maston products are also easy, fun and rewarding to use.

Product information

Tixo Bench protection spray 150ml

Tixo Bench protection spray 150ml

Sauna protection - Product number: 602528

Maston TIXO Sauna bench protection spray is efficient against dirt and bacteria. The product is odorless and toxin-free. Treated sauna benches remain cool and are pleasant to sit on as well providing easy maintenance. Enhances the natural wood gain.

How to do it! Wash the benches and let them dry. Shake the can and spray about from 30 cm distance. Heat the sauna and wipe off the unabsorbed material.

Coverage: 1,5 m2