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Product information

Spray 1K-Etch primer 400ml

Spray 1K-Etch primer 400ml

Primer - Product number: 400500

Maston 1K sandable etch primer is a one-component primer also perfectly suited for polishing. The primer contains strong rust protection, has good adhesion and coverage properties, and can be painted over with most car paints, incl. water-based paints. Weldable!

Instructions: Clean the surface thoroughly with impurities. Shake for 2 min. Make test patch. Spray several thin layers every few minutes. The primer using 2 layers (15-micron layer) is enough - sand after 15 min. As primer spray 4 layers (30-50 micron layer) - sand 45 min / light grinding or approx. 90 min / wet grinding. The product is suitable for milled aluminum and zinc-coated sheet and tin sheet. Steel can also be used as topcoat 3 months when layer thickness of at least 50 microns. After use, turn the bottle upside down and press the nozzle until only propellant comes out.