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Maston in brief

Maston Oy's roots date back to 1968, when Finland took its first steps in aerosol production. Today we have developed into a truly international company and the products we manufacture are sold in approximately forty countries as far away as Australia. We are an innovative surface treatment professional owned by our personnel, a true Finnish company. Our plant is located in Veikkola, approximately a 20 minute drive from Helsinki.

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Privacy Policies

Everyone has the right to know what information about him is stored in different registers.
The right to inspect data, the exercise of the right to inspect and the rectification of data are regulated by the General EU Data Protection Regulation (2016/679).

Maston Oy's most important Personal Registers containing customer and partnership information and their data protection descriptions are broken down by personal register basis below. Other privacy statements concerning personal registers will be provided separately upon request.

This mark tells you that a Maston spray paint product is equipped with a patented blue adjustable nozzle. It guarantees a successful end result.

Maston and the environment

We always take environmental impact into account in our product and production solutions.

For example, the water-dilutable Maston H2O! spray paint contains 90% fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC), which damage the environment. Our plant in Veikkola is heated using wood pellets and even now conforms to all future safety and environmental requirements. All of our products always conform to the latest laws and legislation. The caps on Maston's aerosol cans are made from recyclable plastic. At our plant we recycle all possible metal - if we can recycle all reusable metal we can save considerable amounts of non-renewable natural resources.