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Spray paints For all kind of surfaces

With Maston paints you can paint metal, wood, plastics, glass, concrete and even asphalt

Spray paints

Maston spray paints can be applied on almost all unpainted surfaces and painted surfaces which are more than one month old. The only exceptions are oiled or waxed surfaces. However, we recommend always to test the compatibiltiy first by painting a small test patch. It is very rare that previously painted surfaces react with Maston paints.

With Maston paints you can paint metal, wood, plastics, glass, concrete and even asphalt.


Painting tips

Pictograms on the label show clearly the main featues and instructions of use of the product. The pictograms display even if the products is for indoor and/or outdoor use and on which materials it can be applied on.

Cleaning and sanding

It is important thet the surface is clean. Sanding of the surface gives better adhesion for the paint. We recommend priming with the closest primer color to the actual surface color. Plastics should always be primed with Maston plastics primer. 

How much paint do I need?

As a rule of thumb Maston spray paint covers an area of at least one square meter. With Maston special paints you can even each a coverage of three square meters. The most packages display the average coverage area.

How do the paints differ?

Check which paint you should choose.

Different types of spray paints

All Maston spray paints can be used for indoor and outdoor purpose, but their features differ from each other.


Alkyd paint

The typical feature  of alkyd paints, which are commonly called oilpaints, is strong smell. Due to high oil content they have excellent anti corrosion features. The should not be applied on galvanized metals. The final curing of alkyd paints takes aup-tp 7 days. Therefore they have to be overpainted in 15 minutes or only after 7 days, otherwise the previous layer can boil off.

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Water-based spray paint

Waterbased spray paints are environment friendly, non smelling and easy to paint. Therefore even indoor painting is possible. The coverage and paint layer thickness is high and the drying time long. 

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