Maston 2K Solo®

Two components - One can - Unlimited pot life
Maston 2K Solo® delivers a true revolution in 2-component painting! For the first time, an unlimited pot life meets a mix-free formula and brings a professional quality 2K painting in a single convenient and easy-to-use ordinary spray paint can. 2K Solo® can used repeatedly until the can is empty, no more wasted product. 2K Solo® features both the 2K binder and hardener in the same compartment and requires no mixing. Just grab a can, spray and get great, durable results.

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Technology 2K Solo 2K Solo

Maston 2K Solo® Tinting Solution

Custom 2K colours - Unlimited Opportunities
Maston's groundbreaking 2K Solo® Tinting Solution demonstrates limitless opportunities for custom colour. Fast and easy, simply retrieve formula online and pack custom colours in 2K spray cans. The solution supports RAL and NCS colour standards and much more. The tint bases contain 2K binder, hardener, solvents, additives and propellant and are available in matt, semi-gloss and high gloss. Finally, a solution that delivers more value and more customers. For more information

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Technology 2K Tinting 2K Solo

Technology eFill

eFill filling machine

All-In-One System for custom colours Portable and electric-powered eFill Filling machine delivers a world of custom colour and a pioneering serial filling option. Just plug-in and start filling - a fast, easy and completely clean process without noisy compressors or hard manual labour. The machine features a reusable filling cup and piston cover for serial filling of the same colour delivering both cost and time savings. eFill machine delivers opportunities for attracting new customers and increased sales by offering custom colours in a range of spray paints. eFill machine is CE approved and has IP rated components in the filling chamber.

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Technology Zero

Maston Zero

Pure Water - Zero Solvents - Full of Nature
Inspired by pure Finnish nature Maston Zero delivers the world's first solvent-free and completely water-based spray paint. Safe, odourless and environmentally friendly Maston Zero® turns painting on any surface into a fast, clean and worry-free experience. From beginners to professionals and on almost any surface: wood, metal, stone, plastic, glass, ceramics, dried plants, cardboard, and even polystyrene, love the silky touch of odourless Maston Zero. When your health and environment matters, choose Maston Zero.

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Technology One

Maston One®

More paint - No run-downs - easy painting
Like every painter's dream Maston One® offers vastly more coverage, 4 times more color and a lot less spray dust and no run-downs. Featuring 4 times more color pigments than ordinary spray paints Maston One® features an incredible coverage of of 3m2 (32 sq.ft). With 15 cm (6 inch) spraying distance painting you receive accurate painting results. Maston One® contains 20% less propellants, 25% more binders and 4 times more colour pigments than ordinary spray paints.

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