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Maston technical products offers an extensive selection of techno-chemical solutions for demanding professional use.
Our products play an important role in our clients manufacturing processes.

Most of our products are also available in larger packages for industrial use.
Please, contact our sales department for further information by phoning +358 20 7188 580

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  • Spray Heavy-Duty Cleaner 400ml

    Spray Heavy-Duty Cleaner 400ml

    Maston Heavy-Duty Cleaner is a detergent and cleaner, which effectively removes grease, oil, road salt, bitumen and other loose dirt. Instructions: Wash the chosen part by spraying Heavy-Duty Cleaner onto it. Leave for 5-15 minutes, depending on how dirty the part is. Rinse dirt off with warm water. Repeat if necessary. Never spray onto a hot or warm part.

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  • Spray MEK 400ml

    Spray MEK 400ml

    Spray MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) is a versatile and efficient cleaning agent. It efficially cleans adhesives, printing inks, lubricants, magnetic tapes, oils, waxes and resins. Instructions: spray the cleaning agent directly from a sufficient distance. Normally aerosol pressure is sufficient in itself to clean the surface. You can also use a brush or a cloth to wipe the surface if it is very dirty.

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