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Maston technical products offers an extensive selection of techno-chemical solutions for demanding professional use.
Our products play an important role in our clients manufacturing processes.

Most of our products are also available in larger packages for industrial use.
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  • Coldspray 200ml

    Coldspray 200ml

    Maston Coldspray is a useful aid in installation and dismantling jobs where very cold temperatures must be achieved quickly. Suitable for use in checking circuits, and fastening or fitting small bearings, bushings and spindles. Maston ColdSpray is also excellent for identifying electronic and mechanical faults. Provides powerful, quick cooling down to -55 °C. NB! Never spray onto skin: risk of hypothermia. Instructions: Spray directly onto item to be cooled. Object will cool down immediately. Use protective gloves if possible.

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  • PU-Cleaner 500ml

    PU-Cleaner 500ml

    PU Cleaner ­ a cleaning agent for removing polyurethane foam Maston PU Cleaner is an efficient cleaning agent for removing fresh polyurethane foam, including that from bottle valves and foam guns. It is also suitable for removing glue and grease from metal surfaces prior to silicone or polyurethane foam treatment. For optimum results in removing fresh foam stains: Install the nozzle. Spray the cleaning agent onto stains, let it take effect and wipe clean. If required, repeat the procedure. It is also simple to use the agent for cleaning the valve and nozzle of a foam gun. However, the agent may damage certain plastic materials, varnished surfaces and textiles, thus avoid spraying the cleaner on surfaces that to not require cleaning. An efficient solvent and cleaning agent For optimum results in cleaning foam guns: Clean the gun mouth. Fix the bottle of the cleaning agent to the gun make sure that the seal at the nozzle is connected with the tube end of the cleaning gun. Clean the gun by pulling the trigger. Cleaning agent is not effective on dried foam.

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  • Spray Leak Test 300ml

    Spray Leak Test 300ml

    Maston Leak Test helps to find leaks quickly in hoses, pipes, joints and seams. Bubbles visibly at the leak. Particularly suitable for checking liquid and gas pipelines, as well as air ducts. Maston Leak Test is non-flammable. Instructions: Spray directly onto object to be checked. If the object has a leak, it will be visible immediately due to bubbling.

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