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Maston technical products offers an extensive selection of techno-chemical solutions for demanding professional use.
Our products play an important role in our clients manufacturing processes.

Most of our products are also available in larger packages for industrial use.
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  • Spray Anti-Seize Aluminium Grease 400ml

    Spray Anti-Seize Aluminium Grease 400ml

    Maston Anti-Seize Spray is 100% synthetic lubricant. It is specially developed for extreme high temperature lubrication and high temperature damping. It is constantly stable at high pressure, reduces friction and prevents seizing in temperatures from -60 °C to +1100 °C. Excellent anticorrosion agent. Application areas: anti-seize for O2 / lambda sensors, brake parts, spark plugs, exhausts and muffler joints, clutches, bolts & nuts and sleeves. Eliminates squeal noise on disc and drum brakes, lubricates brake calipers, brake pistons and other moving parts.

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  • Spray Bike Chain Oil 150ml

    Spray Bike Chain Oil 150ml

    Maston chain oil is protective lubricant for bicycle chains. Penetrates the chain, reducing wear and tear caused by friction, lengthening the lifespan of the chain. Suitable for both amateur and professional use.

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  • Spray Chain Oil 400ml

    Spray Chain Oil 400ml

    Maston Chain Oil effectively protects and lubricates chain and transmission gears. Suitable for example for industrial and agricultural wire cables, chains and conveyors. Thanks to its excellent penetrating power, also lubricates the innermost parts of a cable’s core, where the greatest loading takes place. Stays on well, without dripping or splashing. Reliable even in cold conditions, with ambient temperatures of -30 °C - +140 °C. Used regularly, Maston Chain Oil helps to lengthen the useful life of the treated device. Instructions: Shake before use. Spray onto object to be treated. Leave to take effect for a moment before using the machine/device. Not suitable for O-Ring chain.

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  • Spray Copper Grease 400ml

    Spray Copper Grease 400ml

    Copper Grease spray has excellent adhesion and anticorrosion properties and is heat resistant from -40 °C to +1100 °C. Protects against seizure caused by corrosion, heat and chemical attack. Examples of use: exhaust pipe connections, wheel bolts and nuts, clutches, screw threads, spark plugs, battery terminals, brakes, in welding to avoid splashes etc. Before applying please check that the surface is dry and free from grease and loose particles. Resistant against water, salts, acids and resins. Instructions: Shake well. Apply direct to parts that require protection. Attention! Is not suitable for ABS and ASR brake systems.

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  • Spray Cut Oil 400ml

    Spray Cut Oil 400ml

    Maston Cut Oil is a friction-reducing cutting oil for metalworking. Allows steel and ferrous metals to be worked efficiently and economically. Also suitable for treating yellow metals and light alloys. Used in drilling, lathing, milling, thread cutting and sawing. How to do it: Spray onto object to be treated before working. Repeat treatment during longer working periods. Also available in 4 and 10 liter cans.

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  • Spray Gun oil 150ml

    Spray Gun oil 150ml

    Gun Oil cleans, lubricates and protects. Remove carbon waste and lubricate stalk by pulling Maston Gun Oil impregnated cloth through the barrel. Maston Gun Oil protects efficiently also all other metal parts of the gun. Frost resistant upto -50 °C

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  • Spray Lock Oil 150ml

    Spray Lock Oil 150ml

    Maston Lock oil is designed for oiling locks and hinges. Removes moisture. Prevents oxidation and freezing. Lengthens the lifespan of locks and hinges. Frost resistance to -50 °C.

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  • Spray M-S8 Multi-functional Oil 400ml

    Spray M-S8 Multi-functional Oil 400ml

    Maston M-S8 Multi-functional oil effectively fends off moisture and prevents problems with engine start ups caused by moisture build up in the separator. Easily oils the linkages, joints and cables. Also removes rust from seized bolts and the like. Helps to prevent circuit disruptions and oxidation in electrical equipment. Conforms to the requirements of Mil standards: Mil-C-16173E and Mil-C-22235. Shake before use.

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  • Spray Melting lockoil 65ml

    Spray Melting lockoil 65ml

    Maston Melting Lock Oil lubricates and melts locks and hinges. Effectively removes moisture. Also prevents the oxidation and freezing.

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  • Spray Motorcycle Chain Oil 150ml

    Spray Motorcycle Chain Oil 150ml

    Maston MC-chain oil is effective chain lubricant for motorcycle chains with and without O and X rings. Suitable for offroad and street use. Instructions: Shake the can before use. Once the lubricant has been applied, wait, depending on the outside temperature for 10-20 minutes, to let solvent evaporate before using the motorcycle.

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