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Maston technical products offers an extensive selection of techno-chemical solutions for demanding professional use.
Our products play an important role in our clients manufacturing processes.

Most of our products are also available in larger packages for industrial use.
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  • Coldspray 200ml

    Coldspray 200ml

    Maston Coldspray is a useful aid in installation and dismantling jobs where very cold temperatures must be achieved quickly. Suitable for use in checking circuits, and fastening or fitting small bearings, bushings and spindles. Maston ColdSpray is also excellent for identifying electronic and mechanical faults. Provides powerful, quick cooling down to -55 °C. NB! Never spray onto skin: risk of hypothermia. Instructions: Spray directly onto item to be cooled. Object will cool down immediately. Use protective gloves if possible.

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  • Spray Carpet stop Transparent 400ml

    Spray Carpet stop Transparent 400ml

    CARPET STOP® stops your carpets, rugs, table cloths, runners and fabrics from moving, slipping and sliding. CARPET STOP® makes vacuum cleaning of your rugs and carpets easier and hassle free. CARPET STOP® holds firm to any hard floor or furniture surface, such as parquet, laminate, tile, oiled, painted or lacquered wood, concrete, plastic etc. CARPET STOP® is ideal for use in all households, especially for families with small children, elderly and pets. CARPET STOP® is simple, easy and fast to apply. The unique upside-down nozzle makes it possible to spray from a distance of 10cm and prevents over spay efficiently. CARPET STOP® does not contain artificial softening agents or silicones which might damage the surface. CARPET STOP® increases the lifecycle of your flooring by preventing scratching and gravelling through obstacles underneath the carpet.CARPET STOP® should not be used for rugs laid on soft materials such as fitted carpets. Coverage 100m mal 3-1 [VIDEO Carpet stop](

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  • Spray Leak Test 300ml

    Spray Leak Test 300ml

    Maston Leak Test helps to find leaks quickly in hoses, pipes, joints and seams. Bubbles visibly at the leak. Particularly suitable for checking liquid and gas pipelines, as well as air ducts. Maston Leak Test is non-flammable. Instructions: Spray directly onto object to be checked. If the object has a leak, it will be visible immediately due to bubbling.

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  • Welding spray 400ml

    Welding spray 400ml

    Maston Welding Spray is a high-grade silicone-free welding spray. Keeps welding splashes from sticking to the nozzle and work piece. Also effectively prevents blockage of the welding nozzle. The environmentally friendly Maston Welding Spray saves time and money by making it easier to remove welding splashes and allowing for surface treatments to be carried out immediately after welding. Instructions: Spray onto object under treatment before welding. Repeat regularly as work progresses. Never spray onto open flame or onto pieces whose temperature exceeds +450 °C. We recommend cleaning work pieces with Maston Degreasing Agent.

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