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Maston technical products offers an extensive selection of techno-chemical solutions for demanding professional use.
Our products play an important role in our clients manufacturing processes.

Most of our products are also available in larger packages for industrial use.
Please, contact our sales department for further information by phoning +358 20 7188 580

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  • Spray Melting lockoil 65ml

    Spray Melting lockoil 65ml

    Maston Melting Lock Oil lubricates and melts locks and hinges. Effectively removes moisture. Also prevents the oxidation and freezing.

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  • Spray DESI Hand Sanitizer 65ml

    Spray DESI Hand Sanitizer 65ml

    Maston Desi Hand Sanitiser disinfects hands in minutes. Kills bacteria and viruses effectively. Gentle for skin and leaves a moisturised feeling. Can be used regularly if needed. Alcohol content 70% when sprayed. pH 7. No fragrances. Instructions for use: Shake well before use. Use the product on dry hands. Spray on either palm for 2 seconds and rub both hands together thoroughly until the gel has completely evaporated. Includes: Alcohol denat., Aqua, Glycerin. BAuA-Reg.-Nr. N-91889

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