Spray Chalk Red 150ml - Maston


Maston spray paints and lacquers are suitable for hobbyists and professionals alike. We offer suitable products for both spraying and brush application.

With our easy-to-use spray paints youll create luxurious and impressive surfaces easily and quickly. Most of our spray paints are equipped with a patented adjustable Blue Spray jet nozzle. It is possible to adjust the nozzle for both vertical and horizontal painting. The nozzle is easy to use and provides an even painting result.

Product information

Spray Chalk Red 150ml

Spray Chalk Red 150ml

Chalk Paint - Product number: 2500104

Maston Chalk is an safe-to-use sprayable chalk mixture that can be washed off with just water. Suitable for tarmac, grass, sand, metal, asphalt, glass, snow, ice etc. Porous materials may affect the washability of the product.

HOW TO USE: Use on dry surfaces. When spraying, hold the can in a 45 degree angle and at a distance of 5-15 cm from the object. Chalk is dry between 2-8 minutes depending on the drying conditions and can be washed away with water. Coverage up to 25 meters.