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Product information

2K MIX Prefill spray Matt 400ml female

2K MIX Prefill spray Matt 400ml female

Pre fill -spraycans - Product number: 300024M


The color retrieval concept works with ready-to-mix colorants. The formulas are designed for the optimal ratio of resin and hardener.

The tint bases are available in matt, semi-gloss and high gloss. The tint bases contain 2K binder, hardener, solvents, additives and propellant.


2K-Mix colorants allow the customer to create any colour of choice’ or ‘2-mix colorants allow the customer to tailor the color to his or her needs Since the pot life of the ready mixed spray can is very long, the customer can save the leftover paint for future needs. The reaction of the resin and hardener takes place when sprayed out into the atmospheric pressure.


Can volume: 400ml

Tint base volume: 300ml

Colorant volume: 95ml +/- 5% depending on the color

Resin type: 2-component epoxy

Recommended film thickness: one and a half cross coats,

40 microns

Dust dry: 45 min

Touch dry: 90 min

Surface hardness: 12 hours

Water resistance: 48 hours

Petrol resistance: 5 days

Final hardness: 7 days

Pot life: 36 months

Pot life tinted can: 6 months

INSTRUCTIONS: Test the compatibility before applying on any 1-component paint layer.