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Maston offers special products for professionals.
Spray Match automated filling equipment for professional use.
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Product information

Fill-One Aerosol Can Filling machine

Filling equipment - Product number: 700610

Car-Rep® Aerosol Filling Technologies base on patented Filling Machine Concept and reliable and consistent Pre-Fill Can compound formulas, which are either universal or tailor made.

Car-Rep® Aerosol Filling Machine is the most innovative system in the custom aerosol filling category. You can change from one color to another without cleaning the cap, lid or the machine and make your custom spray paint in record time. Work in a healthy environment, without unpleasant odours: no more cleaning

solvents. Custom spray paint color is visible through the cap. The size of the machine is small and one minute service” is perfect for over-the-counter sales.

Easy to use: simple insertion of the aerosol, adjustable platform, start-up triggered by closing the door.