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Maston offers special products for professionals.
Spray Match automated filling equipment for professional use.
Please, contact our sales department for further information by phoning to +358 20 7188 580


  • eFill Filling machine

    eFill Filling machine

    Maston eFill filling machine - Customize colors in an easy, fast and clean way. Custom-made colors in an easy, fast and clean way. The electric powered eFill machine does not require noisy compressors or hard manual labour. Just plug and fill. eFill machine is CE approved. It has a lots of benefits, such as reusable filling cup and piston cover, portable, allows for add-on sales possible and IP rated components in filling chamber. For more informations www.efill.eu A concept which attracts new customers searching for custom-made colors, packaged in an easy-to-use, compact and safe form. If your customer cannot find the desired color format your standard line-up, you can transfer the sale to a can of your tailor-made color. Your customer will be pleased with the service and the professional quality finish.

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  • 2K MIX 34 Black Weak 1L

    2K MIX 34 Black Weak 1L

    2K TINTING CONCEPT is a unique way to retrieve customized colors. It is the quickest and easiest way to tint and pack customized colors in 2K spray cans. The concept supports RAL and NCS color standards and many more customized colors. The online software is easy to use. The colors are easy to identify and the formulas are shown as absolute or accumulative weights in grams. If the individual paste amount is not high enough for accurate tinting, the software advises how many cans should be filled for color accuracy. For serial filling of the same color, simply select the amount of cans to be filled and mix the desired amount in one go. New formulas are added frequently on request. Customized formulas are also available. www.2kmix.com TINTING PASTES Volume: 1 liter Resin type: 2-component epoxy Cleaning of residues: acetone and cloth Amount of pastes: 16 Pot life: 12 months INSTRUCTIONS: Before tinting shake upside down for at least 30 seconds. Close the lid after tinting to avoid evaporation. Avoid contact with water.

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