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Polished wood and a sink Polished wood and a sink


Wood material used indoors and in furniture requires appropriate surface treatment and regular maintenance. Surface treatment refreshes the wooden surface giving it a decorative and polished final touch. Surface treatment makes cleaning easier, and also protects the wooden surfaces from moisture, swelling and distortion. The right surface treatment protects the surface from dirt and dust, and also from mechanical wear. With the right surface treatment, your valuable wooden furniture and surfaces last longer.

The Maston products for wood provide a natural surface and bring out the beauty of the wood. Our selection provides wood treatment agents for both new and previously treated wooden surfaces. We offer many alternatives, all of which enable you to achieve simply great final results. The Maston products are also easy, fun and rewarding to use.

Product information

Tixo indoor lacquer, waterbased, semi gloss 1l

Tixo indoor lacquer, waterbased, semi gloss 1l

Varnish - Product number: 603110

TIXO interior lacquer, half matte, 1 liter UV-resistant half matte water-based acrylic interior lacquer for dry conditions, for use on internal ceilings, walls and furniture. Not suitable for floors. This is how you succeed! Clean the surfaces to be interior lacquer. Polish the old interior lacquer until it is matte. Mix carefully. When interior lacquer for the first time, dilute with water 5-15%. The second coat of interior lacquer should be applied un-diluted, approximately 3 hours later. Work temperature should not be below +10 °C. Make sure all nails and fasteners are suitable for water-based interior lacquer. Apply interior lacquer approximately 3 hours later. Ready for use in 12 hours (+20 °C). Wash the diluting agent and tools with water. Protect from freezing.