Spraypaint CarColor 220550 400ml - Maston
Painted car rim Painted car rim


Maston car procuts offers easy-to-use products for you who really care about your car. Our extensive product selection offers quality products for caring, maintenance and repairing both the internal and external surfaces of your car.

The vehicle specific Maston CarColor colour selection offers easy-to-use spray paints, and popular 12 ml paint brush bottles for painting and priming your car. Download our tone chart in the colour chart section.

Product information

Spraypaint CarColor 220550 400ml

Spraypaint CarColor 220550 400ml

CarColor repair paint 400 ml spray - Product number: MA220550

Maston Car Colors are made of acrylic binders and pastes of car refinishing OE quality. Maston Car Colors offer a very short drying time, extremely high gloss and wear resistant surface. Please check the color shade from the top.

The coverage of Maston acrylic spray paint is extremely high and therefore you can paint much more than with the traditional spray paints. The surface is resistant to chemicals, such as petrol and white spirit. The coating is very hard and gives an excellent protection for wear and stone chips.

The colors match exactly with the original color of the car. Maston Car Color System is based on intelligent software which gathers together databases of paint manufacturers, car makers, popularity of colors and sales statistics. It creates a unique line-up of the most running car colors with perfect match to genuine colors.


Drying times: touch-dry 30 min., dry 24 h.