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Painted car rim Painted car rim


Maston car procuts offers easy-to-use products for you who really care about your car. Our extensive product selection offers quality products for caring, maintenance and repairing both the internal and external surfaces of your car.

The vehicle specific Maston CarColor colour selection offers easy-to-use spray paints, and popular 12 ml paint brush bottles for painting and priming your car. Download our tone chart in the colour chart section.


  • Spray Quick Start 400ml

    Spray Quick Start 400ml

    Maston Spray Quick Start is an easy-to-use aid for the internal combustion engine start-up problems. Simply spray on the suction side of the engine, either in the air filter housing or in the intake manifold. Ether based mixture ensures effective ignition even at low temperatures or low revolutions. May be used occasionally in all types of vehicles such as cars, lorries, agricultural vehicles,tractors, chainsaws, trimmers, lawnmowers, etc. For non-continuous use. Make sure that Spray Quick Start is suitable for your engine before use.

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  • Spraypaint AutoACRYL Matt White 500ml

    Spraypaint AutoACRYL Matt White 500ml

    Maston AutoACRYL is high quality acrylic paint for metal parts, hard plastic parts and rims. Excellent coverage, quick drying time, smooth surface and durable gloss. Instructions: Polish the surface. Prime metal surfaces with primer and plastic surfaces with plastic primer if necessary. The surface has to be clean, dry and free of any grease, wax or silicone. Shake can for at least 2-3 minutes also occasionally during painting. Paint a test patch on invisible area first. Start spraying outside the object. Spray at distance of about 25 cm from surface and move the spray slowly on the object. Spray a thin layer first to improve adhesion. Let dry between layers for 3-5 minutes. Thereafter apply 2-3 thin cross layers on the surface and let dry. Repeat if necessary. Drying time: Touch-dry 10-20min. Totally dry 24 hours. Clean the nozzle by turning the can upside down and spray until only propellant comes out.

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