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Product information

Stonechip coating STH-51 black Auto 1L (screw-top jar)

Stonechip coating STH-51 black Auto 1L (screw-top jar)

Protective products - Product number: 4150511

Maston stonechip coating is protection agent for your car’s door and skirting panels. Also suitable as a protector during storage of machines and metal parts. Penetrates into the smallest gaps, removing moisture and protecting against rust.

Instructions: Cover all surfaces that do not require treatment. Shake the container for approx. 3 minutes before use. Use bar 4-5. Spray several thin layers, letting the paste dry in between sprayings. This will give an even and protective result. About 15 minutes in between the layers. Shake the container during the process to keep the paste liquid and spreadable. Coverage 1,5m2.

Drying time at +20 °C: Dry to touch after 45 minutes, completely dry after 2 hours. Topcoat: make sure that the mass is completely dry and stuck the surface. For stain removal we recommend Maston Thinner.