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Maston car procuts offers easy-to-use products for you who really care about your car. Our extensive product selection offers quality products for caring, maintenance and repairing both the internal and external surfaces of your car.

The vehicle specific Maston CarColor colour selection offers easy-to-use spray paints, and popular 12 ml paint brush bottles for painting and priming your car. Download our tone chart in the colour chart section.


Maston Textile Protector forms an invisible protection against dirt and moisture. Suitable for all leather and textile material, as well as sports and leisure outfit technical materials. Effectively protects the material without changing the appearance or features. How to do it! Shake the bottle and spray evenly on a dry surface from 25 cm distance. Ready to use when surface is dry. If necessary,

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  • Spray Cockpit Auto 400ml

    Spray Cockpit Auto 400ml

    Maston Cockpit is a detergent and polish for your car’s rubber and plastic surfaces. Suitable for interior and exterior use, it returns the original shine to surfaces and forms a dirt-repellent, antistatic coating. Maston Cockpit is non-freezing and contains no silicone. Instructions: Spray Maston Cockpit evenly onto the surface to be cleaned. Wipe with lint-free paper towel or cloth.

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