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Maston car procuts offers easy-to-use products for you who really care about your car. Our extensive product selection offers quality products for caring, maintenance and repairing both the internal and external surfaces of your car.

The vehicle specific Maston CarColor colour selection offers easy-to-use spray paints, and popular 12 ml paint brush bottles for painting and priming your car. Download our tone chart in the colour chart section.


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  • Spray Brake Cleaner Auto 400ml

    Spray Brake Cleaner Auto 400ml

    Maston Brake Cleaner is a detergent for car brakes and brake parts. Effectively loosens and removes dirt, grease, brake fluid and other impurities from brake shoes, drums and pads, as well as other brake parts. Instructions: Spray generously onto the part to be cleaned. Wipe with lint-free paper towel or cloth. NB! Test brakes after cleaning.

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  • Spray Quick Start 400ml

    Spray Quick Start 400ml

    Maston Spray Quick Start is an easy-to-use aid for the internal combustion engine start-up problems. Simply spray on the suction side of the engine, either in the air filter housing or in the intake manifold. Ether based mixture ensures effective ignition even at low temperatures or low revolutions. May be used occasionally in all types of vehicles such as cars, lorries, agricultural vehicles,tractors, chainsaws, trimmers, lawnmowers, etc. For non-continuous use. Make sure that Spray Quick Start is suitable for your engine before use.

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  • Spray Silicone Auto 400ml

    Spray Silicone Auto 400ml

    Maston Silicone is a protector and lubricant for interior and exterior car surfaces. Suitable e.g. for rubber and plastic seals. Forms a clear protective coating on the treated surface to prevent crumbling and freezing. Also suitable for polishing plastic and leather surfaces. Maston Silicone’s mild lemon scent leaves a refreshing smell in your car. *Instructions: Spray Maston Silicone onto the surface to be treated. Wipe with lint-free paper towel or cloth. Repeat at least with every car wash.

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  • Spray Upholstery Cleaner Auto 400ml

    Spray Upholstery Cleaner Auto 400ml

    Maston Upholstery Cleaner is a detergent and cleaner for your car’s upholstery, ceiling and floor mats. Its mild foam effectively removes stains and unpleasant odours, leaving a refreshing smell and antistatic surfaces. How to do it: Shake before use. Test effect on a small, inconspicuous section of upholstery before cleaning. Spray directly onto the part to be cleaned. Leave for approx. 15 seconds and wipe off with a damp cloth. For stubborn stains we recommend repeating the procedure: spray and rub vigorously with a cloth or a small brush.

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  • Spray Window Cleaner Auto 400ml

    Spray Window Cleaner Auto 400ml

    Maston Window Cleaner is designed for washing car windows, windscreen, mirror and lanterns. This slightly foamy detergent removes dirt, insects, salt, bitumen, soot, smoke and grease stains from the exterior and interior surfaces of your car. Instructions for use: Spray the Maston window cleaner surface to be cleaned. Wipe the surface with a lint-free paper or cloth. Repeat the treatment at least once a month and always when washing car.

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