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Spraypaint Ceiling paint 400ml

Spraypaint Ceiling paint 400ml

Household paint - Product number: 1801001

White Rapid Filler is a solvent-based, extremely fast drying spray filler for filling small cracks and holes in walls and ceilings. It can also be used to fade yellowed or stained spots on the surface. It is especially formulated to bond quickly with any masonry material such as plasterboard, cement, plaster, concrete or wood The use of the spatula provided is recommended when filling cracks fast before the filler sets. For structured surface we recommend several thick layers of paint from close distance. Thereafter the structure can be made by pushing the surface with a stick.

Can be sanded to remove any unevenness prior to painting. The surface is touch dry within 5 minutes and can be over painted with any dispersion wall or ceiling paint within 20 minutes.