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Maston technical products offers an extensive selection of techno-chemical solutions for demanding professional use.
Our products play an important role in our clients manufacturing processes.

Most of our products are also available in larger packages for industrial use.
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Product information

Air spray 300ml

Air spray 300ml

IT / Other special products - Product number: 3140022

Maston TECmix AirSpray efficiently blows away dust and loose dirt. Very useful for cleaning electronic and optical devices. NB! Not suitable for camera mirrors.

How to do it:

Turn off the power of the device to be cleaned. Spray Maston TECmix AirSpray onto the surface to be cleaned. Repeat if necessary. Keep bottle upright when spraying.

NB! Flammable: never spray onto electrical equipment whose power is switched on.

RRP 13.00 € Distributors